Squarrel Square Barrels

Squarrel Square Barrels

A Squarrel is a Custom Reusable Square Barrel

The exact amount of wood a barrel needs!

  • A Squarrel consists of a reusable metal frame and removable wood staves
  • A Squarrel uses 1/3 the wood of a traditional barrel

Lower cost of ownership!

  • Keep the frame and replace only the staves at a fraction of the cost of replacing a traditional barrel
  • Replacement staves come in shoebox-like shipments delivered right to your door greatly reducing transit costs

Infinite Flavors with Build Your Own Barrel!

  • Staves are available from multiple woods species, cross-cut or flat, and varying levels of toast and char
  • Use multiple different combinations of wood staves in the same Squarrel Barrel

A Squarrel is also a Keg!

  • Simply clamp on the Sanke-ed cap, it's complete with a PRV and the spear of course, and hook it right to your tap

Squarrels will soon be in stock at Minnetonka Brewing & Equipment Company. Check out www.squarrelbarrels.com for more info on this ingenious invention!


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