Brewpub Systems

Brewpub Systems

Customizable in size, style, and configuration, Minnetonka Brewing & Equipment Company provides high-quality Brewpub equipment for either an expanding brewing system, or a new complete system setup.

  • 2 - 3 Vessels
  • 3 BBL - 15 BBL System
  • Certified 304 Stainless Steel or Copper
  • Steam, Direct Fire, or Electric Systems

All systems made to customer's specifications

Brew House Size 2 Vessel 3 Vessel 4 Vessel 2V Skid System 2-3-4 Vessel Direct Fire
3BBL $28,250 CALL CALL $30,140 CALL
5BBL $38,875 CALL CALL $41,160
7BBL $45,540 $58,530 n/a $48,160
10BBL $50,340 $82,535 n/a $64,140
15BBL $71,040 $93,564 $111,800 n/a
20BBL $81,070 $102,890 $120,500 n/a
25BBL $96,625 $111,785 $141,960 n/a
30BBL $112,150 $140,300 $175,545 n/a
Brew House Prices Include: Brew House Tanks, Brew Deck Platform, Process Piping, System Pumps and Dual Stage Heat Exchanger
Prices provided do not include HLT, Cold Liquor Tank, Fermenter(s), Bright Tank(s), CIP or System Controls or Shipping.
*All Brew House Tanks, Fermenters and Brite Tanks are Certified 304 Stainless, unless otherwise indicated.
*Exterior Steel Thickness: 2mm; Interior Steel Thickness: 3mm; Insulation: 80mm – 100mm, depending upon tank size / volume;
*Interior Sanitary Polishing: 0.4-0.6μm
*Prices are subject to change. Please contact us for updates and complete system quotes.
*36 Month Manufacturer’s Warranty
*FOB Factory

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