Nano | Pilot | Home Systems

Nano | Pilot | Home Systems

Steps away from being a commercial brewery, Nano Home Brewing Systems provide an excellent start to planning your own commercial microbrewery on a smaller scale. Providing a customizable brewing setup in style and configuration, Minnetonka Brewing & Equipment Company can help start your brewery from its initial development.

  • 3 BBL System
  • 5 Vessel Monobloc System Configuration Available
  • Certified 304 Stainless Steel or Copper

All systems made to customer's specifications

Brew House Size 2 Vessel 3 Vessel 4 Vessel 2V Skid System
3BBL $24,985 CALL CALL $26,675
5BBL $34,400 CALL CALL $36,425
7BBL $40,300 $51,800 n/a $42,575
10BBL $44,550 $73,040 n/a $56,760
15BBL $62,865 $82,800 $98,945 n/a
20BBL $71,750 $91,055 $106,645 n/a
25BBL $85,510 $98,925 $125,625 n/a
30BBL $99,250 $124,175 $155,350 n/a
Brew House Prices Include: Brew House Tanks, Brew Deck Platform, Process Piping, System Pumps and Dual Stage Heat Exchanger
Prices provided do not include 2x Sized HLT, Cold Liquor Tank, Fermenter(s), Bright Tank(s), CIP or System Controls or Shipping. FOB Factory.

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