Custom Design

When working with Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company you take full control of the equipment being put into your brewery. Our consultants help you design your brewing and packaging equipment from the ground up. Whether you need equipment to expand your existing system or build a completely new Brewery system, we work closely with you to ensure your brewery equipment is designed to your exact specifications.


Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company provides comprehensive consulting services from Dan Kahn, a 20 year veteran in the Brewing Industry. We will listen to your plans for each stage of the brewing process and help you select and design each brewing and packaging equipment option. Your vision and our experience helps you choose the right equipment that will work best for your brewery - and avoid costly equipment mistakes. Our job is to ensure your brewery is perfect for what you need.

Please visit our consulting page for a more detailed list of consulting services.

Want to begin a Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company consultation? Please complete our brewing system questionnaire so we can understand your brewery and equipment needs better.


Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company is there for you during the installation process. We can manage the entire installation or perform a final inspection to ensure your new equipment meets your requirements and passes local inspections. Our involvement is up to you. Our goal is to make sure your equipment is fully functioning as quickly as possible so you can do what you love – Brew Beer.


Financing large purchases can be daunting but Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company can assist you in finding the right financing for your needs. We review financing options as your equipment design progresses so you can make sure you get the return on investment you seek. Contact us to find out more information about financing options


Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company provides complete training for your new brewing and packaging equipment. We will develop a training program that suits your needs from a simple orientation (for experienced brewers) to extensive training programs you and your company employees may need for maintaining and operating your brewery.

Equipment Support

Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company will help with any equipment needs and questions that may arise once brewery equipment is installed.