Brewing Up an Idea... MBEC for all of your Brewstillery needs

How We Brewed Up Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company

While conducting research for our own brewery, we were introduced to the captivating, creative, and innovative world of commercial brewing and packaging equipment. We love all things mechanical. And beer! A natural combination - the idea of starting our own brewing equipment supply company began to ferment and grow and Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company was established in Minnetonka, Minnesota.

What Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company Can Do For You

Minnetonka Brewing and Equipment Company works closely with our clients to provide the most economical, custom tailored brewing and distilling solutions, to fit their present and future needs. Whether the project is a high volume production system, an elegant brewpub or cocktail room showpiece, or a sophisticated pilot or test system, MBEC can design, install, and support your business from the ground up. We also offer consulting and training services from business plan development, facility and equipment layout, government application support, system training, recipe formulation/migration, to hiring and staffing. Contact us today for a free, no obligation consultation.

We look forward to working with you!

Putting our customer's needs at the forefront, we exemplify customer service by offering a variety of services to help with each step of your brewery planning, and individualized attention from our team to ensure all your brewery needs are being met. Working with MBEC allows you to create your perfect brewery, distillery, or brewstillery quickly, efficiently, and at an affordable cost to get you doing what you do best - brew!

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