Pilot Stills

Pilot Stills

Whether for recipe development, or a low-cost entry into small scale production, our Pilot Stills are perfect for any spirit made from a low solids wash. Multiple distillations through bubble plates can be used to achieve vodka strength. Barrel strength, for aged spirits, can be reached with a single pass through bubble plates or two passes with a simple column. Water flow through the dephlegmator can be used to control reflux rate, and bubble plate sections can be assembled as necessary, to achieve the desired degree of separation.

Pilot Still Features Include:

  • Stainless steel boiler, available in three sizes: 50L(13 Gallon), 100L(26 Gallon), and 200L(53 Gallon)
  • Stainless steel alembic condenser/parrot spout assemblies
  • Modular design allows for column scalability with copper, stainless steel, or glass sections available; all sections include fullcopper bubble plates

Download Pilot Still Flyer