MinneMod 500 Pot Column Still 500L Electric Bain Marie

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The MinneMod 500 pot column still electric Bain Marie model offers maximum versatility with interchangeable components (bubble plates, packed column, whiskey helmet, gin basket) to produce any type of spirit with the highest quality and precision. With a production yield of about 10 - 12 cs of liquor per pot charge, this system is large enough to establish distribution with very efficient use of space and ease of installation and operation. This still only occupies about a 5 ft x 12 ft footprint, and is about 11 ft tall. 6 inch ANSI flange for mounting mixing motor and paddle.
MinneMod 500 Specifications:
  • Full Copper, 500L Pot
  • Electric Bain Marie
  • Optional mixing motor
  • Copper or stainless walled, 8" bubble plate columns can be assembled on top of pot or as a side column
  • Stainless dephlegmator
  • Interchangeable helmet and column options, including botanical infusion chamber
  • All column components clamp together with 8” TC flanges for ease of cleaning and configuration flexibility
  • 8" diameter condenser
  • Integrated spirit lockers under bubble plate and condenser columns
  • Parrot sprout

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